Man is Nature

Imagine yourself as part of the lowest level of the food chain. Take the earthworms for example. What is the purpose of their existence? How does nature benefit from them? Are they good for us? How do we benefit from them?

18th Annual Green Forum – Call to Action

“As presented by Fr. Jose, there are detrimental implications to climate change that are knocking at the doorstep. Mitigation and Adaptation as a global community is key, but our intentions and actions need some adjustments as well

The Implications of Covid-19 to the Design of Office Workspaces

The need for a suitable and safe workspace to accommodate pandemic health protocols has seen greater demand than ever. COVID-19 has pushed many offices to reduce its physical workforce, endorse remote work and adjust typical working hours from early and long to later and shorter periods.

Construction of A New Dormitory

Construction of A New Dormitory This project is aimed towards serving the students and faculty of an international school and its sister campuses. It will be located and constructed in a farm setting, south of Manila. With the motif reflecting that of a country villa, the proposed dormitory will accommodate two hundred forty (240) students on the second and third …

Bamboo Innovation for Resort Development

Bamboo Innovation for Resort Development The ZCR cottage or demonstration building in Palawan is the first structure in the Philippines that doesn’t need an electricity grid and runs only on 4% electricity from solar power. A project made possible by the European Union through lead organization GrAT-Center for Appropriate Technology along with local partners Palawan Council for Sustainable Development and …